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Sounds perfect.

Everything was okay, now.

That was what Asami had told herself, in the days and subsequent weeks following Kuvira's defeat, but the loss of her father weighed on Asami like a leech. She had forgiven him. She told herself that he had done what was likely the only thing he felt he could do. But it still hurt. In his last act of love for his daughter, Hiroshi had only damaged her in a different way, in a way she couldn't entirely place.

But then there was Korra. Korra, who had almost been gone forever all over again and taken the hopeful light that was her life with her. Asami couldn't even stand to think about it.

She had no one else to cherish and love, even from afar, like she did Korra.

And it had always been from afar, figuratively and then, for those three years, literally. One letter and six months of silence had been what caused her to reach out to her father in the first place. What else could she have done? Now it came full circle, and something inside Asami had soared when Korra suggested that they take a vacation together. Just the two of them. There had been small glimmers of hope, that her feelings were at least returned in part. Soft smiles and lingering touches. Asami had never dared to assume.

But something clicked, now, like a gear catching into place, as she approached the newest spirit portal alongside Korra. She fought to not look at her. If she did, she knew she wouldn't be able to look away. So for now, she stared straight ahead, peripheral vision keeping track of her best friend's movements beside her.