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Sounds perfect.

Everything was okay, now.

That was what Asami had told herself, in the days and subsequent weeks following Kuvira's defeat, but the loss of her father weighed on Asami like a leech. She had forgiven him. She told herself that he had done what was likely the only thing he felt he could do. But it still hurt. In his last act of love for his daughter, Hiroshi had only damaged her in a different way, in a way she couldn't entirely place.

But then there was Korra. Korra, who had almost been gone forever all over again and taken the hopeful light that was her life with her. Asami couldn't even stand to think about it.

She had no one else to cherish and love, even from afar, like she did Korra.

And it had always been from afar, figuratively and then, for those three years, literally. One letter and six months of silence had been what caused her to reach out to her father in the first place. What else could she have done? Now it came full circle, and something inside Asami had soared when Korra suggested that they take a vacation together. Just the two of them. There had been small glimmers of hope, that her feelings were at least returned in part. Soft smiles and lingering touches. Asami had never dared to assume.

But something clicked, now, like a gear catching into place, as she approached the newest spirit portal alongside Korra. She fought to not look at her. If she did, she knew she wouldn't be able to look away. So for now, she stared straight ahead, peripheral vision keeping track of her best friend's movements beside her.
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Everything that had happened before the wedding felt like a spiritual rollercoaster without any safety belts or a complete track. There was no break from her physical recovery and she had just barely gotten over what had been haunting her. From there it was trying to stop Kuvira and having a large portion of Republic City destroyed.

And the only person Korra ever felt she could confess on how any of that made her feel was standing right next to her.

Now though, Korra didn't have to hold back on telling her. Not when she knew that there was an understanding between them that had only manifested itself briefly when they actually had time to talk to each other, comfort each other, even as simple as touch each other. Something Korra had grown fond of, more so after Asami had tended to her during the weeks she was at her lowest and unable to do anything for herself.

"Is it what you were expecting?" Korra asked with a glowing smile as she slid her hand into Asami's, heading out into the lush and vibrant scenery of the Spirit World. Because of how at peace Korra felt with herself, and with Asami, the very atmosphere was the most beautiful of days and tiny spirits with wings for ears fluttered nearby them.
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"Wait 'til we really get moving." The fact that they had time for Korra to show Asami everything had her elated. As she led her under on of the tall stalks holding up a huge leaf Korra looked back at Asami. "And we can visit Iroh later on too. His little house is nice." Definitely later, Korra wanted to have the time with Asami, the time she missed while being away for three years with only a single letter that held all of her thoughts.

The ones she was confident enough to put on paper.

Korra stopped and eyed the river that was off in the distance and then looked back to Asami, a gleam in her eye. This was the opportunity to show off, even if it was just a little.
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Korra's grip on Asami's became firm, her fingers gently moving up and down along the side of her soft hand.

"Don't let go."

As soon as the last word left her mouth it was as if the world beneath their feet was moving for them. The spirit world sped around them without so much as a breeze to rustle their hair. Korra never looked away from Korra as the river went from being just off the horizon to less than a stone's throw away.

Moving at the speed of thought, maybe. But how could that be the case when Korra's thoughts were filled with the girl in front of her?
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Korra couldn't help but give a laugh, a happy one that made her cheeks bunch up under her eyes. The spirit fluttered between them briefly to reveal that her smile stayed and she ran her thumb over the top of Asami's hand.

"It's an Avatar thing, I think. Anytime you want to go anywhere in a hurry just hold on to me." The grass at their feet began to sprout small, vivid iris flowers. There was so much Korra wanted to show her, but that would come on its own the more they traveled.

There was so much to say and Korra didn’t know where to begin, so she went with "Want to sit for a while?"
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Korra almost didn't realize that she had to sit too, so she spent a full second and a half looking at Asami with a pleased look before she hastily sat down next to her.

"I wanted to say thank you." She pulled Asami's hand onto her leg nearby her knee. "For waiting. Three years was a long time."
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Korra tried to restrain her smile by trying to thin her lips, but her cheeks gave it away. This was the second time Asami made her blush, it was something Korra could get used to.

"That's what I thought about you." She looked at Asami and got locked in that trance. "I just didn't know, how to" As she spoke Korra leaned in towards Asami, her words trailing off as she got closer. Tilting her head ever so slightly, she hesitated and she became aware that Asami could probably feel her breath.
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Her heartbeat became faster when she slowly closed her lips on Asami's and she all but froze while taking in the sensation of their first kiss. But those brief moments passed quickly and her eyelids slid to a close as she parted her mouth only to brush her lips against Asami's again. The sensation caused her stomach to almost float up by the butterflies that were apparently trapped inside it.

For the packing she had done to prepare for the trip, Korra had no way of preparing for this. And she was very glad of that now that she was actually here instead of just her idle imaginings.
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Korra's face was warm, her own cheeks red from the color rushing into them. Her eyes opened at the touch and quickly found Asami's, a languid smile spreading across her lips. Normally Korra had an assertive approach to things, but doing it that way...

She liked it. Because it was with Asami.

"Remind me to talk like that more often." She said just a bit sheepishly.
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The contact was almost as affectionate as the kiss itself, only on a different level that Korra hadn't had in years. Even then it was still different. She looked up as Asami closed her eyes, smiling at seeing her eyelids at rest if only for a brief moment. They had been through so much and had tried to help each other along the way, but so many things happened.

Korra let out a light chuckle and leaned on her hand, finger moving the grass, so she could put her hand on Asami's cheek with the other.

"I want you to." She felt how warm her cheeks were, but didn't care. "It feels like I don't get to hear your voice enough as it is."
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Easing more from the light kiss, Korra took a breath and looked out to their vibrant surroundings. "Well, the first thing you need to know is the Spirit World reacts to your emotions. First time I was here I got angry and got swept into the river underground. I don’t know if it’s there anymore, things can change around here."

She withdrew her hands to put them on the straps to her pack. "But I was going to show you where Iroh lives, the first one. Where my, well, a dragonbird lives. There’s a few places I haven’t been before, but it can get pretty dangerous." Korra smiled and looked back to Asami. "That was when I didn’t have my bending. Still up for a vacation?"
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"After that, yeah." Half the city would need to be rebuilt, which meant Korra was bent on giving Asami as much of a break during their vacation before getting back to reality. The warning of the emotions was for Asami’s sake. Not because Korra was scared she might cause an accident, far from it, but because of her father. Last thing she needed was her friend, well… they were more than that now, to be surprised by it if the subject came up.

"Then come on, let’s find a good place to settle for tonight. Then we can explore around it until we get tired." Without much effort she got up to her feet and offered her hand to Asami to help her up.
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Korra gave a knowing smile, her eyebrows the only thing that hinted at how tired she was as well. Busy was an understatement.

"Yeah, I think I know a good place." She held out her hand for Asami to take and turned to motion head towards a massive, towering tree off in the the distance. Only she wasn't only motioning in it's direction, but also up at it. "Up there."

As soon as she got a hold of Asami's hand, it would be simple travel to get there. Climbing up on the other hand.
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Korra waited only a couple of moments before heading over to trunk of the tree. Eventually Asami would be as used to it as she was.

"Not at all. The branches are huge, I could probably practice up there if I wanted to." Then she thought about that statement. "Well, not firebending."

She grabbed onto one of the knotholes by jumping up and hung there holding her hand out to Asami. "We'll be fine, I promise."

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