envy_the_sinners: (MATCHY MATCHY~)
Scar ([personal profile] envy_the_sinners) wrote in [community profile] thebearcave2014-10-21 08:40 pm

It's a party! A... very small party.

The Fullmetal Alchemist Drink too Much in Public and Complain Party!!

You heard me, grab your dragon costume, your pink lacy miniskirt, or your dumb tracksuit and COME ON DOWN to celebrate the wrap party of Conquorer of Shambala (No, Envy, it TOTALLY ISN'T SPELLED WRONG.)

You are invited, aren't you? Anyone who's anyone is invited. Extras and deads please kindly keep to yourselves. This isn't the place to soapbox about your shitty, non-speaking fanservice cameos. Or all the time you spent sweating pretending to be an armor-zombie. Or an enormous, improbable dragon. Or a Red Stone-Sweating hellbeast.

So sample the finger foods, mingle among the characters people actually care about, or just drown your misery at your failing acting career at the bar.

Maybe you'll actually manage not to regret coming.

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