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The Infamous High School AU

What it says in the title! An open post for all things High School AU. Prompts below the cut.

1. Butter biscuits, you're late. Maybe you'll get lucky and someone else is on the mad dash to homeroom with you? Are you even out of bed, yet??

2. Homeroom. The clock to class is counting down. What are you up to? Catching up on sleep? Finishing homework? Chatting with friends?

3. SCIENCE! It's lab time. Is it an exciting lab that involves setting things on fire? Or are you putting Block A on Ramp C and recording "results" on a poorly printed graph? How's your lab partner? I hope you got a smart one... Or at least one that doesn't spill the acid all over you.

4. Art~ That class that only 10% of the students actually care about. Are you just here for the credits? Do you have talent and vision?? Just try not to inhale the paint fumes.

5. Lunch. Aaahh, the daily free for all. Do you get to leave the building for lunch? Is the cafeteria food overpriced slop? Or maybe a food fight? No matter what, lunch is the perfect time to catch up with friends, or maybe reach out to that poor kid who's always sitting alone.

6. Gym... What is it this time? Whiffleball? Dodgeball? Do you have one of those jerks for a teacher who runs you until you fall over? Do you like gym? It can be a pretty great way to blow off steam. Though maybe you just want to hide in the corner- unless someone's already taken your spot. Commiserate?

7. Extracurriculars. Are you an athlete? How about a thespian? Maybe you're in the math league? The band or the choir? No matter what, there's always something to do after school, even if it's just sitting around and eating pizza.

8. Extra help. We all need a little boost sometimes, right? Trig sucks, yo. Gather up your garbled mess of an excuse for homework and lug it to the extra help room and see if one of the other students can give you a few pointers.

9. DETENTION, MR. POTTER. Oh, great. What did you do this time? Was it even your fault at all? But hey, maybe you can sneak texts or notes with some other poor fool who's wound up in the teenage slammer. It's better than staring at your proctor for the extent of your luxury stay in that little chair-desk.

10. Prom. Either it's your dream night, living hell, or something in between. Terrible, loud music, sweaty, horny 18 year olds bouncing about, and a lot of teachers who clearly don't want to be there. Bless their souls. Are you going all out? Flowers, limos, fancy hair, taking all day to get ready? Do you have a date, or are you flying it solo? Maybe tonight's the perfect moment to make a move on that person you've been eyeing these past 4 years... Where is this bash taking place? The school gym? A fancy country club? Or maybe you're skipping out to go bowling, or something. Did you see the price of those tickets?!

11. Graduation. Well, this is it. Some say that the past four years have been the best of your life. Would you concur? Are there faces you will miss? Memories that bring a tear to the eye? Or can you just not wait to get the hell out of here?

12. Freestyle! Did I miss anything? Feel free to go crazy with whatever you want to play out!

  • Try not to post blank top comments! Give us a little insight into your character's AU self. High School takes all types, after all.
  • Feel free to tag around!
  • Please mark threads appropriately if they get NSFW for any reason. Damn teenagers.

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