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Korra, last and first Avatar ([personal profile] alphatar) wrote in [community profile] thebearcave2014-08-22 11:53 pm
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And then I stopped when no else did.

The light coming in from the open window steadily grew from grey to a dim orange. The change was just enough to stir Korra awake, though she kept her eyes closed in an attempt to try and fall back asleep. Not because the rest was good or because she always hated getting up early. None of that mattered anymore.

But because it was the next day, just like the others in the weeks before and being conscious was beginning to feel more like a dreaded chore.

Korra's eyelids finally fluttered half open and she stared blankly at the ceiling, the shadows in the room slowly receding as the sunlight filtered in. Taking a deep breath, a silent sigh, Korra sat up and pushed down onto the bed to swivel herself around to bring her legs over the edge of the bed. After a moment of shifting her gaze to the floor, she became transfixed on the window; barely able to see the Yue bay just over the ledge.

Her wheelchair was nearby, but that wasn't what she wanted right now. Not ever. She waited for the light to brighten and to hear the familiar sounds of footsteps that she had come to expect after waking up.

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