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And then I stopped when no else did.

The light coming in from the open window steadily grew from grey to a dim orange. The change was just enough to stir Korra awake, though she kept her eyes closed in an attempt to try and fall back asleep. Not because the rest was good or because she always hated getting up early. None of that mattered anymore.

But because it was the next day, just like the others in the weeks before and being conscious was beginning to feel more like a dreaded chore.

Korra's eyelids finally fluttered half open and she stared blankly at the ceiling, the shadows in the room slowly receding as the sunlight filtered in. Taking a deep breath, a silent sigh, Korra sat up and pushed down onto the bed to swivel herself around to bring her legs over the edge of the bed. After a moment of shifting her gaze to the floor, she became transfixed on the window; barely able to see the Yue bay just over the ledge.

Her wheelchair was nearby, but that wasn't what she wanted right now. Not ever. She waited for the light to brighten and to hear the familiar sounds of footsteps that she had come to expect after waking up.
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The footsteps did come. Light and even as they always were, as to not wake Korra in case she was still sleeping. It was nearly like clockwork. With a light knock and a pot of tea, Asami slipped open the door just enough to see that Korra was awake.


Anything she needed. Asami would be there. She had promised that, and she would stick to it.
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Asami sat on the edge of Korra's bed and pulled up a small tray table. She poured two cups from the pot, keeping one in hand and setting the other on the table. It was there if Korra wanted it.

"The sun's out. It's shaping up to be a warm one, too." She was already dressed and ready for the day. Maintaining a sense of normalcy might help, she thought.
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She took the cup. Good. Asami folded her hands in her lap as she quietly remained next to Korra. Just getting her to do simple things would help, she told herself. Little day to day things that might eventually help her pull through this.

But they could take all the time they needed.

"Is it warm enough? I almost got held up by Meelo in the kitchen. Something about my hair. ...Again."
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Asami nodded, then was silent for a moment, trying to choose her words. She leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees and turning her head to have a better look at Korra.

"Rough night?" she asked quietly, her tone gentle.
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With another small nod, Asami set down her teacup and fetched the chair.

"Ready?" She reached for Korra, her hands haphazardly under her arms until she got the 'okay.'
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Asami shrugged, still standing close.

"I'm easy. I can grab food from the kitchen, or you can shower or just change if you want." She knew that sometimes leaving it up to Korra meant 'none of the above' these days, but she wanted to give her options.
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"Or, I could bring you something from the kitchen," Asami suggested gently. She wasn't about to just leave Korra here alone, even if that was what she was telling her to do.
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"I can wait. I grabbed some toast earlier." Asami didn't visit Korra first thing when she woke up; Korra usually wasn't even awake at that point.

"Is there anything you want to do?"
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"Well, why don't we go outside. You don't even have to get changed, we can just sit out on the deck and enjoy the morning." Something that didn't require Korra to even do anything.

Baby steps, she kept telling herself. It hadn't been that long, yet.
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Asami wheeled Korra quietly out of her room and gently slid the door shut behind them. She would rather not alert anyone else that they were up and about, if Korra wanted some peace and quiet. The Air kids were good for her, but... not always.

She slipped outside to one of the decks that overlooked the bay and parked Korra next to a chair, where she settled.

"A little fresh air is always good."
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Asami raised her eyebrows at the quiet question. She wasn't entirely sure if Korra meant today specifically or... in the long run.

"There's a lot of stuff I can get done without physically being there." She offered a little, reassuring smile, glad that Korra was going out of her way to make conversation.

Even if it was about her leaving.
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Asami's small, warm smile widened.

"I'll be right back." She left with a light touch to Korra's shoulder and returned a few minutes later with Korra's favorite breakfast on a tray.
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"Do what?" Asami asked with a small note of amusement. "Swipe a bowl from the kitchen when Pema wasn't looking?" She winked as she settled back in her chair and gently shrugged.

"If you insist on sharing... I had porridge this morning." Said with a small note of blegh.
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Asami leaned over toward Korra, scooting her chair closer to make things easier. She was waking up, and hints of her old self were shining through, if only a little.

That brought a small, warm smile to Asami's face.

She dipped her chopsticks into Korra's bowl and took a bite.

"Pema's cooking is always better than mine," she commented casually.
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"Barely," she admitted with a small laugh. She'd always had her mother, then servants to do it for her. Asami's voice softened. Korra hadn't even bothered to pick up her chopsticks yet.

"Are you hungry?"
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Asami brought no attention to Korra's trouble with the utensils.

"Well, don't feel like you have to eat it if you're not. And I can get you something else, if you want." She offered another one of those gentle smiles that had become so common, lately, and shifted her chair so she could sit closer to Korra.
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"Sure. Did you want to take a shower?" It wasn't like there was much of anything scheduled for the day. Asami would need to check in with the office at... some point, but she didn't want to leave that long.