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Korra, last and first Avatar ([personal profile] alphatar) wrote in [community profile] thebearcave2014-02-08 11:14 pm
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A different chance meeting

Practice. Why did practice have to be so early? Joining the Fire Ferrets was a great idea and Korra was having fun; but waking up early was just not something she was looking forward to every morning. Today, it finally caught up to her and she was running late. "Thanks Pema!" Taking a very quick breakfast from what Pema had half-coked, Korra was out the temple in a blur and waterbending her way across the bay to the city. Even with her practice clothing and helmet, she managed it easily enough. The ferry would have taken too long.

After she made her way through the streets on foot, she didn't have time to try and work out the public transportation schedules, Korra was finally able to see the large golden building off in the distance. A boost of energy came from that and she lighted up as she locked her eyes on her destination and ran full tilt into the street. As usual, she ignored the honking and other loud sounds of the city. They would only distract her from her goal

"Almost there!"

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