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Korra/Link psl- nsfw

In her time spent here, Korra had discovered that the atmosphere in the old countryside of the Earth Kingdom was vastly different from the bustling streets of Republic City. She had come out here to train by her own decision. No politics, no one telling her what to do. The role of the Avatar was evolving, and that allowed her a moment to breathe and rethink her own identity, even get back to her roots. Growing up in that compound, she had missed out on what had bound all of her previous selves together. Travel.

Which, in hindsight, was what had brought her here.

The rolling, farmland hills were like nothing Korra had seen before, other than in posters and advertisements for Cabbage Corp. Photographs didn't do it justice, in her opinion. And the people! Though they were a touch more quaint than her family and friends back home, there was something likable about them.

Especially one in particular.

Korra had connected with Link pretty quickly, when they first met. They had taken to training together, lighthearted sessions, mostly, followed by picnics out deep in the fields where nobody could bother them. The word 'date' had crossed her mind more than a few times, but... had Korra ever even been on a real date? Not really. She didn't mind that, but it did make for a slight uncertainty toward the pent up urges that had been building for weeks now.

And here they were, once again completely alone in their usual spot. A single old oak tree provided the only shade from the warm afternoon sun.

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