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Korra/Link psl- nsfw

In her time spent here, Korra had discovered that the atmosphere in the old countryside of the Earth Kingdom was vastly different from the bustling streets of Republic City. She had come out here to train by her own decision. No politics, no one telling her what to do. The role of the Avatar was evolving, and that allowed her a moment to breathe and rethink her own identity, even get back to her roots. Growing up in that compound, she had missed out on what had bound all of her previous selves together. Travel.

Which, in hindsight, was what had brought her here.

The rolling, farmland hills were like nothing Korra had seen before, other than in posters and advertisements for Cabbage Corp. Photographs didn't do it justice, in her opinion. And the people! Though they were a touch more quaint than her family and friends back home, there was something likable about them.

Especially one in particular.

Korra had connected with Link pretty quickly, when they first met. They had taken to training together, lighthearted sessions, mostly, followed by picnics out deep in the fields where nobody could bother them. The word 'date' had crossed her mind more than a few times, but... had Korra ever even been on a real date? Not really. She didn't mind that, but it did make for a slight uncertainty toward the pent up urges that had been building for weeks now.

And here they were, once again completely alone in their usual spot. A single old oak tree provided the only shade from the warm afternoon sun.
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It was by sheer coincidence that he'd bumped into her, not being able to recognize her face or clothing. The Earth Kingdom country side was small and close knit, and any one from the capital stuck out like a sore thumb. Doing his best to make her feel at home, he'd shown her into the small village as a friend. They'd spent time exploring the near-by woods, shirking her training and preferring to spend their days along streams and laying with their backs on the Summer warmed hills while clouds passed over head.

Without realizing it, Summer had been drawing to a close, and with it he was growing more and more aware of just how he really felt about the woman from Republic City.

The way he caught himself gazing at her, turning away bashfully as his mind lost itself to dreams of endless days by her side. She had been brash with him, becoming more like a rival than a friend as she trained in the ways of his people, but a part of his heart grew fond of how competitive and driven she was. He wanted her to challenge him, for him to be the man she teased and raced down old-beaten paths with.

They'd talked many times before, but now more than ever he was finding it extremely tasking to try and make words with her. Of all the times to lose courage, now was the worst of them. At least he'd made the food they were going to eat, priding himself on making Loftwing dumplings. It was rude of him to stare, not realizing that he was doing so (like always) and unable to look away, he couldn't help himself to admire everything about her as she shined under the sun on high.

What little confidence he could muster, Link puts all of himself on the line as he brings a hand to her cheek. He's sure he'll catch her by surprise, but he had to make his feelings known. He didn't want to mix words or slur out something foolish, there was only one way to make his feelings known to her. Without warning, he kisses the city girl deeply, his eyes closed for fear that when he opens them, she will be gone.
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He's honestly surprised she returns the affection with such enthusiasm, almost shaken by how soon her arm is on him. He follows suit, not wanting to be lagging behind her, pulling her body in close as he hugs her tightly. Lips part, though lacking the experience, trying to deepen their kiss as he draws in a breath of air through his nose.

He's sparred with her enough times to know her body well enough, but to be holding her in such a way? It's so different, giving his stomach terrible butterflies that feel as if they'll flutter out of his stomach if given the chance to speak. Time to keep his lips preoccupied, almost gluing himself to her as fingers run over and down her spine.
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His lips had pined over weeks on wanting to introduce themselves to the young Avatar, longing and dreaming of the feeling and taste of the young woman's lips. He was not disappointed, and the wait had been worth every agonizing second he'd pondered and imagined. Hands run down the length of Korra's back, feeling over ever subtle raise and shift in muscle. Though Korra looked quite tomboyish and rough at times, it was amazing to discover just how soft and gentle she felt against his body. He'd been right to be attracted to her, her warmth so inviting and wanting that he cursed himself for not acting on his desires sooner.

It takes a moment for him to realize the path that her hands lead, not wanting to stop her advance as it does come as quite a surprise. Korra was just as much a normal, human teenager as he was, so it was only natural for her to desire such things.. right?

His own hands meet with hers, aiding in her request as the waistband of his sash sinks to the ground, the hems of his shirt and trousers now visible. It wasn't fair for him to be the only one to lose an article of clothing, the presumptuous lad hastily tugging at the bottom of Korra's shirt, lifting it over her belly before she protest.
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He hasn't been one to argue with Korra, not when they'd had their spats so many times before. Hands follow her own, surprised that she is taking such a lead and motioning for his own clothing to be up and off of his person.

As the shirt comes up and the sash drops from his waist, the efforts of Link's daily routine is seen. Subtle dips in muscle, definitions of hard work and training now bare for Korra to admire. His own hands cannot help but observe just how toned her form was, having never seen a woman so scantily clad in person.

Fingers trace over her sun-kissed skin, shivers traveling down the length of his arm and into his spine as the excitement of having her this close and this eager rocks his body to the core.
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The young Skyloftian can only adhere to the request, a bit of anxiety creeping up his spine as his sweat runs cold. He doesn't want to be a disappointment, not when the statue of perfection and beauty is this close to him. He lowers to his knees, hands sliding down to her waist as they take hold of the trim of her pants. He's uncertain if such a gesture is presumptuous, but they've come this far and his desire to please her is so great it could very well manifest itself and carry her off into the sunset alone.

Eyes look up at her with concern, biting his bottom lip as he begins to draw them off her legs. He's continuously caught in awe of her form, her legs so long and toned. The soft and smooth feel of her height, the shapely way they turn to lift out of her coverings, it catches him speechless once more.
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"N-No! I-.. I mean, you can stay there. Let me do this for you."

It's hard to not be nervous, not when the woman who captured his thoughts is finally here, in the flesh, in his arms, for him to know better. His head is swimming in an ocean of confusion and greed, wanting to cover her entire body with kisses, fingers wishing to explore the deepest and most secret curves to burn them into his memory.

She looks so confident and so strong, it's making him blush and wriggle as he finally pulls away at her underwear. He can already sense her scent, watching and at the same time trying to meet her eyes as he helps her bare her inner thighs.

"It's so hard to not be nervous, Korra. You're so beautiful and.. Your body is so brilliant."

His forehead leans against her lower stomach, her boxers finally passing over her knees as his hot breath falls onto the flat portion of skin above her crotch. He can feel the heat rising, not just from his breathing, but from the desire below his vision. Hands let go of the fabric, raising and resting on her thighs as he lowers his seating down just a tad more, letting his eyes fall upon her precious lips.
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It's as if he's jumping off into the clouds, exploring unknown territory and feeling the heat of the atmosphere against his cheeks. Lips introduce themselves to the beautiful yet aromatic skin between Korra's legs, kissing her gently before he dares to lay a finger on her. Eyes keep their gaze upon her, judging and gauging her reactions to his work in case his affections become to harsh or unwanted.

A life of sculpting and woodwork has trained his fingers to tread lightly, creeping a single hand against her folds as they trace every crevice and curve with great care. The feeling of her sex is incredible, a hot feeling he's never experience before, as finger tips part the flesh covering her most sacred of body parts. It's moist and inviting, and the taste floods his mouth as he parts his lips to sample her slowly.
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His lapping is slow and careful, not wanting to miss a single inch of her beautiful sex. He'd never in a thousand years imagined he'd be doing such things with the athletic and stubborn woman who'd captured his heart, and it makes it all the more wonderful as every lick reaffirms that this is very much not a dream.

His hands rest on either side of her thighs, each index finger pushing down at her folds and keeping them spread so that he can know the deeper parts of her heat. The raw flesh is strange to the taste, but it is anything but unpleasant or foul. He curls his pink appendage upward, running over the entrance to her velvet-like sleeve as he spreads his mixture of saliva and her fluids about.

Eyes slowly open to look up and see the relaxation on her face. How marvelous and beautiful she is, the way she puts her weight against his mouth is evidence enough that she is enjoying his actions. He'd worried that his affections would be clumsy, and seeing her look so peaceful and at ease only makes the energy welling inside him hotter.

He breaks away from her mound for a moment, licking his lips clean before speaking.

"..How is it? Are you okay?"